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To Teach or To Serve, That Is the Question

We all play the role of teacher sometimes – with actual classrooms or with colleagues, our kids, family members, etc.

Where I see people (myself included) get in trouble is when they get into a mode of teaching. I.e., imparting knowledge, providing the path, viewing the learner as a receptacle for knowledge.

Where I see people creating the greatest good is when they serve their learners. I.e., seeking to understand their journey, their desired destination, their vantage, viewing the learner as the owner of their own education.


Big History

What if you could learn the history of life, the universe, and everything in under 20 minutes? Turns out, you can.

What if you could bring that kind of lesson planning to your kids’ schools? Once again, you can.

Trust There’s Wisdom

Group think notwithstanding, a bunch of people are usually smarter than one.

The Power of Collective Wisdom speaks to the inherent value and creative capacity of groups.

Terms of Engagement tells us that organizations should change by seeking ideas, strategies, and energy from all employees.

And John Hunter, a fourth grade school teacher and inventor, asks his ten year old students to work as a group to solve the world’s problems, and they do. (Though I’d skip the first seven minutes of the video to get to the good stuff.)

Where do you rely on your own judgment too much? Where could you let go more and allow and even encourage others to take responsibility, to make more decisions, to be more creative?

Where could you find more collective wisdom in your world?

Crisis Lessons

When the crisis hits, remember this. People are watching.

Your peers, manager, and direct reports. Your customers and vendors. Your family. Your kids.

More than any other moment in any of these relationships, your actions in a crisis will be remembered. They will teach the people around you how to face challenges. And they will teach them how to view you.

So next time a crisis hits, remember it is the greatest teaching moment you will ever have.

The Future of Education

This video about Khan Academy received the longest standing ovation I’ve ever seen on a TED video. And it deserved it.

Every politician, teacher, principal, parent, superintendent, and student should watch this. This is a technology that, more than anything else I’ve seen, can transform our education system.

It can do it with minimal investment.

It can do it with minimal teacher training.

It races our kids to the peak of their potential, rather than the lowest common denominator in the classroom.

I’ve written about Kahn Academy before. But this video shows just how world changing this technology is.

Educating the World

Can Tamil speaking 12 year old children in a south Indian village teach themselves bio-technology on their own using a computer that only contains English instruction?

If you have 20 students in a class, what will foster greater learning, 5 computers or 20?

This TED video provides brilliant and fascinating research and answers to these questions.