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Reflecting on 2012 – #7

On August 1 I issued The Fork Challenge, one of my favorite strategies for health, diet, mindfulness, and happier living.

Happy New Year everyone. I’ll be back on Wednesday with all new posts.

Be good. Be well.


Reflecting on 2012 – #6

On July 2 I wrote The Preferred Life reminding us that perfection is in the eye of the beholder.

Reflecting on 2012 – #5

In June I wrote Quiet Down and Speak Up, bookend posts with advice for those who are reluctant to speak in meetings and for those who take up all the airtime in the first place.

Reflecting on 2012 – #4

One of my readers, Carmella Wehrle, sent me her favorite from this year – The Best 5 Minutes You Can Spend – about reexamining what we do/don’t have time for.

Reflecting on 2012 – #3

On February 27 I posted Forced Action about the choices you make that force you into other important actions.

Reflecting on 2012 – #2

One of my readers, Graham Scharf, wrote to me that his favorite post from this year was Capturing Ideas about grabbing your best thoughts while they are fresh. We’ve all got a bit of genius in us if we take the time to record it when it shows.

(He also gave honorable mentions to The Perfect 10 Relationship and Jobs Change.)

Reflecting on 2012 – #1

Another year of blogging is complete for me. For my final seven posts of the year I will reflect back to posts I’ve made in the past that are worth a second read.

I suppose it’s fitting that I begin with a post that was about how we need repetition to learn. On January 20 this year I posted Could You Repeat That?