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Your Future Advice

Kathleen Taylor gives an interesting TED talk on her experience as a hospice worker and the lessons learned when, as she puts it, people reach the stage when they completely drop the bullshit. I think the lessons she imparts are valuable, but it also got me wondering what lessons we all have inside of us today.

What if you only had a few days remaining – if you were the one who completely dropped your own BS?

  • What advice would you impart to others?
  • Who would you most want to speak to?
  • What would you tell them?

And what lessons would that advice hold in return for you and how you are living your own life?


Wear Sunscreen

We’re getting to the end of graduation season, but I hope there is time for a couple of final posts on the topic. I had never heard or seen this before but my Israeli intern said it was very popular in Israel 11 years ago.

My favorite tidbit of worldly wisdom from the song:

  • Do 1 thing every day that scares you.

If it isn’t “wear sunscreen” or “do something scary” what call to action do you like to live by?

Sage Advice

I’ve been invited to deliver a commencement speech for my alma mater this spring. I asked my readers for suggestions on what I should say. Here’s a smattering of the wisdom they offered.

  • Encourage them to parallel their dreams with their careers and encourage them to dream big.
  • Polonius’ advice to his son in Shakespeare’s Hamlet is good: “Unto thine own self be true.”
  • Control your destiny, Think entrepreneurially.
  • The glass half full approach.
  • What my Management professor used to say, A college degree only proves that you are capable of being trained.
  • If you are lucky enough to find an occupation that you love, embrace it with both hands and be ready to work to keep it.
  • Remember who packed your parachute.
  • Always look for a seed of humility to anchor you.
  • We CHOOSE our happiness.
  • NEVER give up!
  • Have a well-balanced life, lived without regrets.
  • Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer.
  • In all your getting, make sure you dont miss out on the wonders of life!
  • Devotion to your family should be a major goal.
  • Be flexible.
  • Don’t burn any bridges.
  • When someone asks you how you are don’t reply with a simple “I’m fine.”  Instead, you should say, “I am fantastic, exciting, unique and fun to be around.”
  • Seize life, pursue opportunity, work hard, play often, offer comfort to those less fortunate than you.  Be a mentor! Life is good enjoy it by living it fully. Do all these things and you will inspire others.