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Noah Blumenthal


4 responses to “Be the Hero Website

  1. Hi, I just receieved the latest weekly “Hero Quote”, and am puzzled. I always thought that the “good and evil….thinking makes it so” quote was attributed to Shakespeare several hundred years prior to Kipling. Any thoughts? Thanks! Angie

  2. Team players: if you are a true team player you’ll never be a victim. look at the super bowl, no one said “oh joe smith missed the ball that’s why we lost” — no a hero and a team player nevers blames one person even when they are not involved. the reply from a hero and a team player is “we played a good game but we had a few rough moments that we’ll get over” notice how many times “we” is used thats a hero with a good team.

  3. its been long without putting a real smile on my face,but after i finished this book, i feel like im now a born again.Thanks Noah,BE THE HERO IS THE ANSWER WHICH I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR SOME AGES..

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