Capturing Ideas

What is the #1 method I have for coming up with new blog posts every week? Idea capture.

Ideas are my product. I need three new ones every week. And if I don’t capture, I’m lost.

What is capture?

This is simply an intentionality. New ideas are important to me. And they are everywhere. I can get a new blog idea out of every conversation I have. But only if I try. I have to finish the conversation and then stop and think, “What was the blog idea in there?” And once I find it, I have to record it somehow.

If I don’t get it down, then the idea vanishes.

I bet you are the same way. You come up with all kinds of great ideas – for your job, your company, your family, yourself, for all kinds of areas of your life. Then your brain goes elsewhere, and poof, the idea is gone.

You need to capture.

You need to write it down.

I recently saw this Scott Adams (Dilbert) quote,

Creativity is allowing oneself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

I think both creativity and art depend first on choosing to take the time to recognize and record the ideas that come.


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