The Path of Least Resistance

My client wanted to know why he didn’t do the things that would lead to his longterm success. They seem so obvious. Why did he avoid them so?

But I don’t think we avoid. I think we flow.

We flow downhill in the most comfortable, easiest groove. We follow the path of least resistance.

The question isn’t why don’t we do those new things (network, strategize, develop ourselves, diet, exercise, etc.). The question is what can we do to make it difficult not to do them.

Leo Babauta on explains that the best thing to do is get really good at starting. Every day. All the time. Start 100 times. Don’t focus on spending the full hour exercising or strategizing or whatever. The full hour might be too daunting. It’s too easy to say not today and never begin. But if you spend at least 1 minute every day, you create the new routine, the new daily habit, the new path of least resistance.

Pretty soon it feels uncomfortable if you don’t engage in this new activity. The new action starts to feel like flow. And then it gets difficult to understand how you ever failed to do these things in the first place.


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