What if you are not alone?

What if others are more like you than you have ever allowed yourself to believe?

What if you are more like them?

What if every mistake you’ve ever made, so have they?

What if every mistake that aggravates you in others, you’ve made yourself?

What kind of forgiveness would you ask for? To whom could you offer more forgiveness today?


One response to “Forgiveness

  1. Priscilla Pittman

    True…and sometimes it sneaks up and slaps us! I had a moment like that in the dressing room shower thinking about bigotry issues we had discussed earlier. I felt a wave of anger when I thought of a family member’s bigoted remarks. I know I cannot change him; it is myself I need to change.
    Sometimes I lecture about “the bag we drag”…sounds like I need to dig into mine!

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