For Love of Underdog

The New York Knick basketball player Jeremy Lin has captured media attention for a most remarkable string of play of late. If you don’t know his story, it is the best kind of sports story. The kind that inspires our best hopes and intentions for others and ourselves.

A lot has been written about Jeremy in this week of his transcendence.

Here is a chronicle of Lin’s and some others’ improbable sports success stories. Though Rudy is noticeably absent.

And here we learn 10 lessons from Lin. Pay close attention to lessons #4 (Find the system that works for you.) and #8 (Make other people look good.)

If you ever feel you are worth more, deserve more, want more, a good way to create success is to follow those two rules. Find the system that wants you and then strive to make everyone around you look good. You’ll succeed. You’ll make friends. You’ll have fun. It’s a great recipe for success. Just ask Jeremy Lin.


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