Feel the Need

Lessons from my author’s retreat (cont.).

I spoke with John Renesch, author of The Great Growing Up, about the difference between being an author vs. being a writer.
He said he thinks he is an author because he feels like a cow that has to be milked.
I thought this was brilliant and much broader than the author/writer question. Writing a book is an incredible challenge. To get through it, one almost has to be bursting with the need to get the ideas on the page.
Starting a business is similar. It isn’t something you do because you feel like it. It is something you do because you are bursting with the need.
This is probably the strangest question I’ve ever asked on my blog, but how are you a cow needing to be milked? What is the project or endeavor that calls you to action?

2 responses to “Feel the Need

  1. Oh for goodness sake! Right after I read this post, I wandered into my kitchen to refresh my coffee. Picked up the half-and-half and dropped it on the floor! I laughed about John’s image of “the need to be milked” as I mopped up the mess……

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