What speeds you up? What gives you the jolt to perform at a higher level and faster pace?

We all experience times when we work better. We are more focused. Our concentration lasts. We move from one task to the next without delay.

If we knew what led to those more effective, efficient times, we could harness that ability, call upon it, use it whenever we needed it.

So what is your accelerator?

  • Coffee
  • Structure
  • Competition
  • Lists
  • Accountability
  • Team members
  • Fear
  • Rewards

What is it for you? And what did I miss?


2 responses to “Accelerator

  1. Time. Last-minute actions are most effective. There is no escaping the task and tunnel vision takes over. Kind of like the congressional vote on the debt ceiling. Actually, that wasn’t very effective… But time is an accelerator.

  2. Positive Recognition. It costs nothing to give. This could fall under your categories of accountability or team members as well, though I think for its impact it deserves its own line

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