Strokes of Insight #4

Jill Bolte Taylor’s book, My Stroke of Insight, is brilliant, fascinating, enthralling, and filled with insights to help anyone find greater peace and compassion in their lives. The next few blogs will share some of the insights I gained from this story about a brain scientist experiencing and recovering from a stroke.

Insight #4 – Everyone needs cheering.

Two of the things Jill Bolte Taylor describes needing most in her recovery were for, “people to treat me as though I would recover completely,” and constant reinforcement for the successes along the way. She desperately needed to feel that others had faith in her and that she was making progress.

She is not alone.

We all need to feel this faith from people around us. We can all give it to the people around us.

Today and every day you can tell the people around you how much you believe in them. And you can choose to look for what is going right. Identify successes and express appreciation for them.


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