What Can You Win

How many times a day do you try to win an argument? It’s natural and normal to do so, but there is something much bigger you could try to win.

In every disagreement you can try to win the argument. But you can also try to win the relationship.

You can have disagreements with your peers or your boss or your employees or your spouse. Your views may be logically and morally sound.

But no matter how right you are about the argument, most times the bigger prize is the relationship. It’s like going to a carnival and playing the toughest game only to win a little plastic kazoo. Meanwhile, the next game over is much easier and handing out 3-foot teddy bears to every winner.

While there are a few arguments that are worth winning at the expense of a relationship, they are very few and far between.

So by all means, get out there and win at all costs. Just make sure most of the time you are seeking to win the relationship.


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