What Do You Reward

I ordered a grande coffee and a banana bread at a Starbucks drive thru. When I got to my destination five minutes further down the road I discovered they had given me a mint tea instead of coffee. It was too late for me to turn around.

So I went to my meeting and five hours later returned to that same Starbucks. I went inside this time, gave back the mint tea (still full), explained the mistake, and then asked for coffee and a piece of very berry coffee cake. They gave me the coffee and charged me for the coffee cake.

I don’t know for sure, but I feel fairly confident that had I made a big deal I would have received the coffee cake for free.

So what do you reward?

In your customers? Colleagues? Direct reports? Spouse? Kids?

That reward could be money, time, attention, praise, gifts. Do you lavish those things on quiet unassuming behavior? Or do you respond more often to an emotional outburst?


One response to “What Do You Reward

  1. i was walking sown the street with a colleague and my daughter called

    i gushed several times about how excited i was about her upcoming graduation so proud of you on and on
    after the the call eneded my colleague said isnt that false praise??? I inquuired why she said of course she is going to graduate you paid an enormous sum of money why such lavish praise???

    i responded “about once a year but not every year my father would ask
    What grade are you in this year son?? i would reply. His repsonse was work hard school is important

    I guess yo reqard based on your life’s information

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