Chance to Compete

What do you want? A promotion? A new assignment? To make a big sale?

How do you get it?

One way is to complain about what you didn’t get. Tell your boss how wrong it is that you didn’t get what you wanted. Explain how much you deserved it. Throw in some righteous anger.

Let me know how that works out for you.

Here’s a simple statement to use instead.

“I’d like a chance to compete for that promotion (sale, etc.). What can I do?”

As a customer or a manager I would love to hear these words. They tell me a lot. They tell me you have aspirations. And you’re not afraid to work for them. And you’re honest. And you’re open.

And you know how to ask a question rather than make a demand.

And just by merit of all that, you are already a few steps closer.


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