Those Who Can Teach

This is my update to that age old condescending quip about teachers.

Those who can teach. Those who can’t drone.

As in every profession there are the good, the bad, and the spectacular. I pray that my children someday have a teacher like this one.

And if that fires you up and you haven’t yet heard the best teacher rant ever, listen up.


3 responses to “Those Who Can Teach

  1. Wow, two fantastic videos. I taught high school for 4 years right after college, didn’t make enough money to support my family, so I quit and went to work in the private sector. And now all this brouhaha in WI and OH about reducing the state budget deficits on the backs of public workers, including teachers.

    May I celebrate? Some of my fantastic teachers were Larry Wilson (band), Claire Schreiner (English), Esther Black Retzer (6th grade), Philip Goodrich (Algebra II), Gertrude Kuehefuhs (Music Theory and Composition), George Haddad (Piano), Wilbur Held (Organ), Clair Saam (Physics), Paul Droste (Director, The Ohio State University Marching Band), Ron Jenkins (Director, The Columbus Symphony Chorus). Thanks to each of you for wonderful teaching experiences!!! I am deeply in your debt.

  2. Fantastic post! I come from a family of educators and have seen first hand the power of an inspiring teacher. My dad taught history and govenment at Assumption HS in Davenport, Iowa. I don’t remember a week that went by that a student didn’t stop by to ask him for advise, a letter of recommendation or to just talk. He had 7 of his own kids but always found time for many of his students and athletes. He also coached wrestling and various others sports through his 25 years of teaching. He worked long hard hours as a cement finisher during the summers to make extra money to make up for how little he was paid as a catholic school teacher. He was an amazing man…a POW in WWII, father, uncle,grandpa, husband, brother, son. coach, and friend.
    Thanks so much for this wonderful reminder of those teachers that have made a difference in our lives and the lives of others.

  3. I want to be in Diana’s class! What a phenomenal teacher. My hope is that my daughter runs across more teachers like her as she progresses through school.

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