Master Storytellers

I was recently interviewed by Gail Sussman Miller about overcoming negative storytelling at work. The challenge is that we are such talented storytellers. We are masters at our crafts.

In fact, we are pretty good at mastering lots of bad habits. This is usually because they feed into some pleasure center in our brains. Eating ice cream feels good. Collapsing on the couch to watch TV feels good. And yes, griping at and about work feels good.

Sometimes these things feel so good we forget that other behaviors can feel even better.

Being excited and passionate about helping others through your work feels great. Exercising, once you get past the initial hurdle of starting the program, feels fantastic. And salad—

Okay. I’ll stop there. Salad just doesn’t beat ice cream. But it is a great prelude to a bowl of Haagen Dazs.


One response to “Master Storytellers

  1. Noah, thanks for sharing the good news about changing the stories we tell that limit our creativity, enjoyment, and opportunities in our careers. And thanks for allowing me to interview and share your good works with my audience.

    I am happy to share that I gave your book, Be The Hero, to all my clients and they are getting so much out if it! They now notice when they are in victim mode and shift to telling the hero’s story. Thanks for sharing the power of YOUR storytelling.

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