Best of 2010, part 2

A continuation from my last post which revealed #’s 10-6, here are the top 5 most popular blog posts I wrote in 2010.

5. Shotchocolate – Shockingly powerful wisdom from my mother-in-law. (Not shocking because it came from her but rather for the simplicity and effectiveness.)

4. How to Get Value from Corporate Values – Why I believe corporate values fail to have impact and what companies can do to make their values truly powerful.

3. What’s You Learn Today? – A blog dedicated to learning every day.

2. This Is Nothing – Language choices that increase energy and resilience and help you respond more effectively to the challenges you face.

1. Inspiration – My newest inspirational video.


One response to “Best of 2010, part 2

  1. I made number 3! Sweet! Perhaps folks might like my new blog at which is another type of learning blog.

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