Let’s Get Physical

My friend Mike recently attended a four day Tony Robbins seminar and said it was an amazing experience that everyone should have. One of his takeaways from the event (besides the exhilaration of walking on burning coals) was the three components of maintaining personal energy – physical, focus, and language.

Anyone who reads this blog regularly or has read my book, Be the Hero, knows that I talk a lot about focus and language. Just in my last few posts I’ve written about focusing on the present and attitude and using the language of being unbelievably lucky.

But I have to go back to August 6 to find my last post on physicality. I don’t think I am alone in too often taking the physical side for granted. Mike told me that for the entire four day seminar they never went more than 45 minutes without doing something physical – standing up, moving around, etc.

Thank you for the reminder. Now it’s time for me to go for a walk.


One response to “Let’s Get Physical

  1. Hello Noah,

    As a previous ICU nurse, I feel that parents who allow their children to become fat or obese should be penalized. Why? First and foremost children don’t know any better. Second, the impact of obesity and diabetes on a human health is enormous not to mention the cost, label and humiliation attached to it.

    Everyone tries to be in good shape by working out. I’d like to share the following: We all have been in situations where our colleague or boss is humiliating us when we didn’t deserve it. Afterwards everyone feels he or she should have spoken out better or reacted in a more productive way. I’ve learned that a good thing to do in those scenarios is to let the other person know that you need to go use the restroom briefly. Go splash water on your face or do deep breathing exercise by breathing-in then breathing-out for 3-5 times. Why? What for?

    Ideal response would be to go do some exercise but of course there is no time. Reason a person cannot think clearly in those situations is because he or she is retaining more CO2 in the body from stress and shallow breathing. CO2 or carbon dioxide accumulation does harm to the body and massive amounts of it does real harm to the body that lands people into the ICU. This is why people feel good after nice workouts. That much more oxygen in the body that allows you to think more clearly and have a better outlook on life. A great tip for those who are not aware of it.


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