A New Vision

This happens to me all the time. One person brings a challenge to me. Then someone else comes to me with the exact same challenge. This week it was the challenge of new vision. I wrote a bit about vision last week, and here’s one more view.

Imagine that an opportunity has arisen for you but it doesn’t look too sweet because it conflicts with the vision you had for your life at this time.

One of the great challenges of life is taking it one day at a time. That phrase is cliche, but there is a very real problem within it. Taking one day at a time means living in the present moment. That means accepting where you are right now. It means imagining possible futures based on where things stand today, not what you imagined the world would look like when you fantasized about the future 5 years or even 3 months ago.

The challenge of new vision is completely forgetting that which you imagined would come to pass. Until you let go of your old vision you cannot make good decisions about your current options. You will always be comparing an opportunity to a fantasy. The opportunity can never win. However, when comparing a new opportunity with existing reality, you may just discover your new vision has greater clarity than you ever imagined.


One response to “A New Vision

  1. Hi i really enjoyed your vision , everything u saying is what is happening to me right now. And my emotions are getting the better of me now. I am at a cross road in my life right now and it happens that i look to the past to see why ihavent made certain things and then i look to the future and yet its dall and the present is just a termoil right now.

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