The Real Question

I have long held that the NYC mosque should be allowed to be built. My reasoning is simple. Anywhere in the US that you would allow a church or synagogue to be built, people should have equal rights to build a mosque. Anything less is a violation of the principles of religious freedom that make our country so great. No exceptions.

In the fight over whether or not to allow a mosque we are getting caught in a battle that plays to our intolerance, fears, and ethnocentricity.

We are losing the more important question of, “How do we promote healing, understanding, and peace in our city and in our world?”

The question shouldn’t be, “Can we allow a mosque?”

The question should be, “What else can we build?”


2 responses to “The Real Question

  1. Noah, I couldn’t agree with you more. I am appalled that otherwise religious people, who would demand the same rights for their own religion, would deny rights to Islamic organizations. Give ’em hell, Harry!!

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