No Soup for You

If you missed this little news story this week you wouldn’t be able to cry in your soup. Yes, the Soup Nazi is reopening after a six year hiatus.

When I lived in NYC (The City for all you NYers) my apartment was 14 blocks away from the Soup Nazi. After seeing him on Seinfeld, I went to check out this soup. The line was around the block. It was freezing. It took an hour to get to the front. Unlike the Seinfeld episode that made this shop famous, the real one has no indoors. There was no respite from the cold. No soup could be worth this.

Except . . .

His soup was one of the most wonderful food experiences of my life. I went in shocked at how anyone could charge so much for soup. After eating it I sat in disbelief that he charges so little.

A few months ago I wrote that I would never wait 2 hours for a table at PF Changs. But I gladly went back over and over again to wait my hour for soup.

What would you gladly wait an hour for?


3 responses to “No Soup for You

  1. Heather Bruemmer

    I’ve had soup that good before, but only once. It was like a hug in a bowl. Sadly, I live in an area that is warm year round, so I rarely get to experience the joy of hot soup on a cold, wintery night. Thanks for reminding me.

  2. Kimberly Caldwell

    In 2003, I spent a winter night sleeping outside of a concert hall to get tickets to hear former President Clinton speak in Austin, Texas. I got a cold, but I’d do it again. Fortunately, now that I go to the Clinton School, it shouldn’tbe necessary.

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