Special: Op Ed on AOL

Red Room is a social networking site for authors and readers and was a wonderful partner for me when I launched Be the Hero last summer. This week Gina Misiroglu of Red Room put me in touch with AOL people for an Op Ed article I wrote. It posted earlier today and is already drawing raves and rants in the Red Room response form.

Read the whole op-ed on AOL News or read below for a taste before seeing the rest of the article.

California Republican Rep. Darrell Issa takes pride in opposing the Obama administration. Democratic Reps. Henry Waxman and Nancy Pelosi played that role when George W. Bush was in office. Keith Olbermann provides a nightly list of “Worst Persons in the World,” a personal hate list as much as anything. And Rush Limbaugh’s hate rants range from drug addicts to illegal immigrants to, of course, all things liberal. The BP oil disaster spawned hate ranging from The Wall Street Journal to ihatebp.com.

There is a trend in America in which we are more and more idolizing people who have at the base of their identity the spread of hate. These people are considered entertaining because of the controversy and the extremism they represent. But our consumption of their product is creating a culture in which hate is heroic.

Every one of these individuals (and so many of their colleagues in the news and in politics) thrives on the message that you should hate someone. You should hate people with opposing political views or different life experiences or different social needs. It doesn’t really matter what their defining characteristic is, just make sure you hate.

When was the last time anything great was built out of hate?

Read the rest of this op-ed on AOL News.

Also, go check out Red Room for connections to other authors.


One response to “Special: Op Ed on AOL

  1. Pamela Landau

    You’re absolutely right, Noah. What was previously called the politics of fear, had descended into the punditry of hate. Obama was elected on the notion that we could hope instead of hate, a moral high ground that he has had trouble maintaining. But the responsibility lies with us to search for new solutions, ideas and inspiration. The less time spent on putting others down, the better.

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