What to Watch

Do you Skype?

If you don’t, you should.

Whether personally or professionally, Skype (or any other video conference technology) changes communication. You have to pay closer attention. You can’t multi-task without being seen doing so. It’s intimate and personal and a completely different experience from a phone call.

But there’s also a fascinating side experience. Skype gives you a video projection of the person you are speaking to. It also gives you a thumbnail video image of yourself. So you can see what the other person is watching.

Yesterday I talked about the value of observation. Skype let’s you shine a mirror on yourself – your mannerisms, body language, and affect. You can see when you are fidgeting and when you are clearly engaged. The look of frustration or excitement can be obvious to the other person, and now also clear for you to see.

A little Skype can tell you a lot about how you come across to other people. And it’s fun.


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