Wi-fi Landing

I’m at Starbucks searching for wi-fi. Generally, when I look for wi-fi my search is for the fastest possible path to the content I had in mind before I started my wi-fi search.

Today though, something caught my eye. It was a big, bold “Free Wi-Fi” on the Starbucks landing page. Apparently, starting July 1 Starbucks will offer free wi-fi in all its stores. That’s great to know, but it also got me thinking about landing pages.

When you log onto wi-fi at a coffee shop, bookstore, hotel, airport, museum, or wherever, you are just about always required to go through 1 or 2 pages of the location’s content, clicking that you accept their terms of use and so forth, before you actually reach your goal of internet access.

What struck me about the Starbucks landing page is that in about 0.2 seconds it captured my attention with something I wanted to know about.

I’ve logged onto more hotel wi-fi networks than I care to count. Every single one is the same. Boring page about the hotel. Nothing about me. Nothing I actually want to know. I’ve never stopped on those pages. Think about how likely you would be to stay on the hotel site if the headline were one of these:

  • FREE Weekend Stay
  • Top 10 Hotel Room Activities
  • The BEST Hotel Stay Ever
  • How to Get Hotel Freebies
  • 10 Things You Didn’t Know a Concierge Would Do for You

Wi-fi landing pages are a perfect opportunity to capture an audience. It is a shame so many accept the boring every day and don’t dare to be different.


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