Uniform Advantage

What if you could make one decision today that would make you more efficient for the rest of your life?

The first year or two I spoke professionally I experimented with various forms of dress: suit, blazer and slacks, tie, no tie, loud and bright colors, subdued. Not just experimentation, I thought the variety was important. Heaven forbid I show up for a speech wearing the same outfit I had worn in my speaker video.

But I discovered that there is something more important to me than fashion. One particular outfit is easiest for me to put together and most likely to give me a feeling of confidence in how I look.

The outfit – dark suit, blue shirt, no tie.

So that’s it for me. That’s all I wear now for speeches, and possibly forever more.

But the point here isn’t about a clothing uniform. It’s about any kind of universal decision.

Sometimes variety really is important. Often it is a false idol we worship and it steals time and energy we could be spending more wisely.


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