Change Everything

Thursday I wrote you really have to change things one at a time. Overhauls don’t work. We’re not built that way. But what if you really have to change everything?

What if your company requires a transformation? What if you are moving across the country or to a different country? What if you are getting a divorce or a new job or married?

Transformations are sometimes forced upon us and require that we change lots of behaviors and routines all at once. How do we do that effectively?

The answer lies in the ideas behind changing only one thing at a time. When you change one thing you can focus. It’s simple. You pay attention to that one change and don’t have to worry about anything else.

When you have to change many things the key is to find the one idea or process that binds everything else together.

  • Organization transformation – maybe it’s a dashboard where you track all the individual changes.
  • Divorce – maybe it’s a focus on kids first no matter what.
  • New job – maybe the key is to continually seek input from your new colleagues.

When you have the luxury, it’s generally wise to change one thing at a time. When transformation is thrust upon you, find the key concept that binds all the little changes together.


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