Gotta Have It

I went to Cold Stone with my daughter. We both ordered kid’s size cups. The woman in front of me ordered the large, or in Cold Stone lingo, the “Gotta Have It.” The best I can tell this size is more than a pint of ice cream, plus, or course, the mix-in toppings, chocolate dipped cone, etc.

Last night we watched an episode of Man vs. Food on the Travel Channel. If you haven’t seen this show it is about a guy who travels around the US looking for restaurants that have some kind of eating challenge. In this episode the host was in Boise, Idaho taking on the challenge of eating 6 1/2 pounds of burgers, fries, chili, cheese, and milk shake, all in 30 minutes.

Now the show is fun and light hearted. But the actions displayed are real, and not just regarding food.

It seems that more and more we have an attitude of Gotta Have It and finish it in 30 minutes or less. We are traveling, working, consuming, thinking, reading, listening, and acting all at breakneck speeds.

And why should we care?

When I slow down at my desk, pause, close my eyes, reflect for a few minutes, I see answers to problems that were intractable before.

When I slow down in my relationships, ask questions, allow silence, I build stronger bonds and make new discoveries.

And at Cold Stone, when I order a kid’s size and eat it – slowly, forcing myself to take my time – with a taste spoon so that the bites are smaller, the ice cream tastes the same. It is just as enjoyable. It lasts just as long as the Gotta Have It being shoveled in with a big spoon. And it feels a whole lot better afterwards.


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