What a Rush

Recently I went to the same restaurant on a Thursday night and then again two days later on Saturday night. (I do strange things for my kids.) It wasn’t empty on Thursday, but it wasn’t packed. On Saturday there was a 2 hour wait. We went elsewhere.

I really don’t get it.

I’ve slept out overnight for concert tickets. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have gotten tickets. People wait online for hours to be the first to get iPhones or iPads. I get that. They are excited about being first. The wait is part of the experience.

But this wasn’t a pop culture phenomenon. This was Saturday night at P.F. Chang’s.

Don’t get me wrong, I dig P.F. Chang’s – great lettuce wraps. But 2 hours?

Five minutes down the road was another Chinese restaurant we’d been to in the past. Good place. The kids love it. No wait (unless you count the 7 minutes it took for my 5-year old to decide which empty table she wanted us to sit at). Dining problem solved.

That was our choice, but a lot of people stayed, obviously. They waited out their two hours for the Chinese food version of Applebee’s.

In this age of impatience where attention spans need Olympic caliber timers to capture the few brief milliseconds they last, where road rage is on the rise as people are incapable of handling delay, where elevators and gas pumps now have TV screens because heaven forbid we spend 30 seconds waiting without entertainment, people waited two hours for the P.F. Chang’s dining experience.

Today I have no answers. But here are 2 questions I’d really like to know the answer to.

  • What makes people capable of 2 hours of patience at P.F. Chang’s when we are so impatient in so many other areas of our lives?
  • What would you wait 2 hours for?

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