Clash of the Titans #2

On Monday I saw Clash of the Titans. Of course, I had to compare it to the original.

And immediately I felt old.

“The original was so much better. The acting. The story. Nowadays [a word that surely signifies I’ve lost my youth] all they care about is special effects. 3D. What difference does that make if you don’t have a great story?”

What happened? In fact, I think this version offered some nice new story lines. Obviously, the effects were a tremendous improvement in the new version. Why did I prefer the original?

It would be easy to conclude that people, myself included, just don’t like change. But I don’t think it’s as simple as that.

Consider this comparison. I loved the 1989 Michael Keaton Batman movie. I waited on line for two hours to see the very first showing of it in my town. It was fabulous. I also loved the 2008 Christian Bale Batman Begins movie. I had no sense of preference for what I considered to be the original.

What’s the difference?

Clash of the Titans took a movie I loved and tweaked it, attempted to make the same thing better with improved technology and a new plot twist. But I still knew almost exactly what would happen at every turn. So I had almost none of the excitement and all of the discomfort of getting used to something new.

Batman Begins said forget about everything you’ve seen in the past. This is a completely new movie. New story. Virtually no overlap. So I had almost none of the discomfort and all of the excitement.

The lesson for me is, if you need to change something, hold onto the idea that is loved and let go of that which is simply comfortable.

I love the concepts of Batman and Greek mythology. I am comfortable with the story lines of the old movies. Batman Begins was a hit in my eyes. Clash of the Titans needs to be remade yet again, this time with Perseus on a brand new quest.


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