My mother-in-law is a genius. That’s not an easy thing to say, but I have to admit it. My daughters needed to get a shot. My mother-in-law suggested we bring Hershey’s kisses and the moment after the shot went in their arms pop the chocolate into their mouths.

So it became shotchocolate.

Instead of ow! Ooowwwww!!! OOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!

The sound was owmmmm.

It worked brilliantly. Afterwards my daughter wanted to know why we did this chocolate thing. So we talked about how the brain can only pay attention to so many things at a time. If you give it other stuff to pay attention to it won’t be as aware of the pain and you won’t feel it as much.

In the same way when you listen to music during a workout you are less aware of the pain of the workout.

And this concept plays out in all aspects of our lives. When you become aggravated, angry, bitter, sad, upset, what is your chocolate equivalent? What do you use to distract your brain?

I’m not saying you shouldn’t process or pay attention to problems in your world. But when you are fixated on the problems and focused on your pain, your brain becomes a super processor of negative emotion. It’s time for you to find some other input for your brain.

Now unfortunately I am stuck, focused on the painful notion that my mother-in-law is a genius. Someone, please, give me some chocolate.

EXTRA: Tomorrow I’ll share a related experience that has dramatically changed my life and eliminated one of my biggest regular fights with my wife.


5 responses to “Shotchocolate

  1. We give chasers after medicine (usually gatorade or a squirt of whipcream…)

  2. Yet another reason to appreciate chocolate. And I hope your readers take note of a very important teaching opportunities you have given us. When you daughter asked why you did it, you actually told her something that she might be able to use in the future. That is modeling at its best.

  3. Thanks Andrea. I agree. I’m looking forward to the next shot now when my daughter wants to try the same technique but with the addition of headphones and music for additional distraction.

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