Too Much Information

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by information overload in our society. It’s also easy to fall into the victim belief that there is nothing that can be done. I received an email recently that I thought was a brilliant and heroic response to the challenge of information overload.

It’s true that we have too much clutter, and it can get in the way of our productivity and our peacefulness. Here’s the email I received from my 9th grade Biology teacher. Leave it to a science teacher to come up with this.

    I am about to delete my entire address book as a way of purifying/purging my contacts I’ve amassed for the last 16+ years. Of the thousands of email contacts I’ve amassed from friends and students only about 50% do I hear from any longer. There are many reasons… many of you have changed your addresses and some of you are no longer even on this planet. Some are tired/annoyed of my emails. For some of you I have multiple addresses and I’m not even sure which ones you use or even work. Once I send out this email your address will be deleted. Then as people write back I will automatically add address as they come into me. In that way I’ll know that the email is viable and you still want to remain connected. If you get more than one email please only reply to the email you want to be contacted at.

It may not be for everyone, but it is a terrific example of taking an action and reclaiming control.
Be the Hero Bestseller Campaign is August 4th: Go to for more info!


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