Learn First Learn Best

In the technology world there is a term, Learn First Learn Best. It essentially means that whatever technology you learn first you will very likely prefer forever. This is because you get used to so many features of your product that getting used to and getting to know any new product is too much trouble. For some people this prevents them from trying a new carmaker, smartphone, vacation spot, restaurant, place to live, or computer. 

We are creatures of habit, and we don’t like our habits to be challenged. 

This week I’m struggling with learn first learn best. I have always used a PC, but my business requires a certain amount of video, audio, and photo editing. I have heard that Mac is the computer for that type of work. So I bought a Mac. 

But the mail isn’t what I’m used to! And the task bars aren’t where they’re supposed to be! And the keystroke commands are all wrong!!! And . . .  


It’s okay. Trying something new can be scary and frustrating. That’s normal. But it makes no sense to trudge along with the same old thing just because it was the first thing we tried. So take a look at your life. What have you stuck with because you learned it first? Maybe it’s time to break away and try something new.


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